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Tomáš Halík, the winner of the 2014 Templeton Prize about the book: "There are few authors with roots in our corner of the world who have pleased and encouraged me as much as Ľubomír Martin Ondrášek, who has written this book of wise reflections and critical comments. It is perhaps because Ondrášek can draw on both his experiences in Slovakia as well as his perceptive and thoughtful reflections on his experiences in America and because he combines the perspective of a theologian with scholarly competency in the fields of political theory, contemporary political philosophy and ethics. I especially appreciate his ecumenical openness and how he combines critical thinking with a sober and honest effort to always see the other side of the argument and not make rash judgements. It is clear that Professor Jean Bethke Elshtain, one of the most distinguished intellectuals of our time, found a very attentive and gifted student. At a time when the complexity of the age often, especially in our part of the world, provokes us to noisy and arrogant fundamentalist attempts to give simplified black and white answers to complex questions, this book by Ľubomír Martin Ondrášek has great educational and healing potential. Let us be grateful for it."
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