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ACTA SANCTORUM is a nonprofit, internationally oriented, nondenominational, Christian organization founded in Chicago on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. Since its inception in 2009, the organization has been shaped by the idea that freedom and responsibility must never be separated.

The organization is devoted to transforming the present world into one that is more free, peaceful and just by promoting a greater degree of individual, social and political responsibility in Slovakia and other post-communist Central and Eastern European countries with the vision of contributing to the construction and preservation of vibrant civil society, which is indispensable to a functioning and stable democracy.

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Events & Projects
Book Project
Kresťanstvo, etika a verejný život (2017)
Academic Book Donations
January-December 2018
Slovakia Trip
June - August 2018
Articles & Essays
The Irony of Czechoslovakia's History: Twenty-Five Years after the Velvet Divorce, 1/27/18
Pokračovanie putovania: charakteristiky verejnej teológie Tomáša Halíka, 12/15/17
Trojdňové putovanie s Tomášom Halíkom, 11/16/17
Spiritual Autobiography: A Vehicle for Religious and Ethical Transformation, Fall 2017
Op-Eds in Denník N 
Kto je lepší kresťan? Politik, ktorý nezneužíva kresťanskú kartu, 2/13/18
Abraham Lincoln: inšpirácia a výzva, 2/9/18
Prvácke vysvedčenie prezidenta Trumpa, 1/22/18
O Vianociach, politickej korektnosti a začiatku pádu Roberta Fica, 12/13/17

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